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Welcome to Branded Classified Ads!

You can have your own Classifieds Ads website that can generate 100% income for you.

Imagine your own classifieds site:

  • Brand the site with your logo image and choose from a selection of color schemes.
  • Your site shares our database, so right away it has tons of ads and looks busy.
  • Sell premium ads, at prices you set, and keep 100% of what you charge.
  • That's right, you get to set the pricing for Highlight or Top ads.
  • Build your own private lists.
  • Use your existing network and websites to advertise your classifieds site.
  • Increase traffic to your other business sites through ads you place.
  • Be the first to offer local online classifieds in your city or town! Even a small town is a huge classifieds market.
  • Offer free premium ads to your good clients, or as a bonus offer to those that buy your other products.
  • Payments for premium ads are incorporated into your existing ALP affiliate account!
  • Incorporate your Google Analytics account to get accurate traffic reports.
  • Incorporate your Google AdSense account to earn even more money through Google ads!

This is a great opportunity if you are looking for a business that will allow you to generate your own income, where all sales you generate are 100% yours.

Even if you have your own website, you can expand on it by adding a link to your own Classified Ads site. This way, you are never losing viewers to other websites, but instead keeping them on your network of sites.

The brand service can be used for free, or a premium version can be bought for up to USD 34.95 a month.