What is a brand, exactly?

A brand is above all alse an opportunity. Your brand allows you to have your very own classified ads site on the internet, with very little effort on your part. This is accomplished by leveraging our proven classified system and using it for yourself. In effect, you "brand" our site with your business.

This arrangement allows you to focus on what is important: expanding your business. Since you don't have to worry about all the research and development involved with creating a product like this, you can focus solely on marketing it however you see fit.

On this page you'll find the prominent features of your brand, an in-depth description of each, and some advice or examples of how to take advantage of it.

Earn 100% revenue through ad sales.

Our classifieds system has been built from the ground up to allow visitors to post two kinds of classified ads: free ads and premium ads. Free ads are great for drawing in traffic and keeping people coming back. Premium ads earn you money.

We currently offer two kinds of premium ads: top ads and highlight ads. Top ads periodically move a promoted ad near the top of its listing - about every thirty minutes. The listing will be its city or its category, depending on what a visitor is looking at.

Highlight ads get their background-color changed to one that stands out in a listing of ads, making them more noticeable. This naturally draws a visitor's eye to such ads. Of course, there is nothing stopping a visitor from buying both promotions at once, to give their ad the best chance.

The best part about these premium ads is that any sales you make on your brand are 100% yours.

Your sales, your price.

Not only do you get to keep 100% of all premium ad sales sold through your brand, but you also get to set the price for each type of ad.

You can use our prices, if you like. Or maybe you've found a small market willing to pay big money for classifieds. Or, perhaps your business strategy involves numerous cheaply-priced ads. Not a problem in any case, you can adjust your prices whenever you want, however often you want, to whatever you want.

No merchant account needed - integrates with your Adlandpro affiliate account.

One of the biggest hurdles to taking money on the internet - serious money - is the need for a merchant account. Usually, it is expensive and complicated to set one up, and while necessary, it's a diversion from making your business grow.

Our brand system has done away with all of that for you. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Adlandpro affiliate account. All your premium ad sales are easily paid out through the affiliate program.

Go here to get information about the affiliate account (and to sign up if you haven't already!) and go here to see your brand's earnings.

Integrate your brand easily with Google - and earn even more!

Google has become a staple source of e-income for many people, since they released their AdSense product. Google AdSense lets you host Google ads on your website, and pays you for it.

If your website has any traffic at all, it only makes sense to show ads to your visitors. Your bank account will thank you.

Google Analytics is another fantastic Google product, which allows you to easily track traffic to your site. They provide statistics, numerous data, reports, and a means to examine the effectiveness of a given campaign. Any serious business needs to know what's going on on their website, and this is a great way to do it.

Both of these fine Google products are free, so there's no reason not to subscribe to them. What's more, you can seamlessly integrate both of them with your brand, so that brand visitors will see your Google ads, and be tracked by your Analytics account.

You can sign up for these accounts and get more information at:

Brands are versatile - a whole business themselves, or part of something bigger.

You can make money directly through your brand, true. This is even a viable source of income; just a single sale a month covers your costs.

However, you can also use your brand to improve your existing business. Consider these synergies:

  • You run a store, and want to add a classifieds section to drive more traffic to your main site.
  • You are a local news publisher (newsletter, paper, etc.) and want to add an online classified section to give your publication more exposure.
  • Your not-for-profit organization (community club, church, etc.) has an online presence, and you want to give your members a place where they can advertise things to each other - an online classifieds site.

So, what do these examples all have in common? That's right, you're adding a classified ads site to an existing business. The bottom line is, this will drive more traffic to your main site. Conversely, your main site will drive traffic to your brand. The net effect is more traffic for you, and this is the type of thing rankings sites like alexa look for. Win-win!

Premium ads - profit or promotion

Premium ads are a great source of income, but they can also be a powerful promotional tool.

For starters, all of your own premium ads, that you create on your own brand, can be made premium ads for free. You may have already noticed this if you have created any ads. Simply go through the new ad wizard, pick the promotions you want (top ad or highlight ad -- or even both), and the next step will ask you to confirm your choice, instead of taking you to PayPal.

If you already put an ad into the system, and want to promote it now, don't fret; doing this is just as easy. Your brand homepage will list all of the ads you placed into the system. This includes your ads in Pressmania, Adlandpro Community, and also your brand ads. You can easily find your brand ads, as they will be marked with a icon.

Just click the for the ad you want to promote, and you'll be taken to the upgrade wizard. In the wizard, again just choose the promotions you want and confirm them.

There's even more, though! If you start browsing the classifieds listings on your brand (make sure you're logged in), you'll probably notice the icon popping up on some of the ads. It actually shows up for all ads that were created on your brand. This is useful for eyeballing how much activity you get on your site.

You can also click any of the icons on anyone else's ad, and thus be able to promote their ads free of charge as well. Why might you want to do this though?

  • perhaps you have a special sale going on with one of your other products, and giving a buyer a free promoted ad on your brand might entice them to buy.
  • it could be a reward for customers who purchase many things from you, maybe part of a "buy three and get the fourth one free" deal.
  • any other case where you want to reward someone, or sweeten a deal -- people love getting things for free.

Just have your customer create an ad that they want promoted, and have them tell you how to find it. Then all you have to do is click the and apply the promotion.

Contact your list, market to your people

Your brand is not only a money making machine, it also collects information. Even free registrations are valuable to a marketer, as this is one more person that you can advertise to.

Your site automatically keeps track of all people who sign up on your brand. You can easily get in touch with these people through our proven Direct Contact feature.

Just go to Direct Contact, and choose the recipients option labeled "Send my message to all users who signed up on my brand."

Then, just go through the steps as usual. This easy and convenient tool is ideal for converting your subscribers into more business.

Promote your brand all across the Internet

Your brand has tremendous earnings potential, but until you promote it, it is just that -- potential. You need to get the word out to the world that you have a classifieds site, and that it is worth checking out. After all, the more people flock to your site, the greater your chances of getting sales.

Advertise your site everywhere you can, including the network you've already built up. Advertise in places such as:

  • your email lists.
  • any forums you participate in or own (for example, put a link to your brand in your signature).
  • your websites and e-stores.
  • your local businesses and community centers, if you are running a local classifieds site.

Below you'll find several images you can use in your advertising, if you don't want to make your own. These are completely free and complimentary. Just download them, edit them if you wish, and use them on your sites or banners, or wherever else you see fit.
Note: right click and choose "Save As" or "Save Image As" to download these images.

Integrate your brand into your domain/website

When you sign up for a brand, we give you a default address for your new site, hosted as a subdomain of Pressmania. Se let's say you chose a webname of "myads", then your default address would be "". What if you already have a website called "" and wanted to use that instead? Or how about using "", instead of our pressmania subdomain?

The good news is that this is easy to configure, and we'll explain how to do it here. Since you own your domain names, this is not something we can do for you, but we'll explain the steps involved. All you have to do is modify your DNS settings (if you're not sure how, get in contact with your registrar).

If you already have a site, "", and want your brand to live there, Your A-record should be as follows:

This will point all requests to your domain, to our ip address, so we can display your brand. Also notify us by email what your website address is so we can allow it within our firewall.

If you want to use a subdomain of your site, "", you should set your CNAME-record as follows:

host -
target -

The final step in either case (either whole-domain or subdomain), is to go to your brand editor and change the "Base Url" field to either "", or "", depending on if you are using a whole domain or just a subdomain, for your brand. Of course, replace "myads" with your actual domain name, corresponding to the one in your DNS records. Don't forget to hit Update to save the changes.

Important note:
Custom URLs like this are not available for free brands, at the 20% tier. Associating your brand with your own domain name, or subdomain, is a premium feature only. Free brands will still be accessible through their Pressmania subdomain though.

Resell the Pressmania Brands product for fun and profit

Every tier of the branding product comes with something special included for free: the right to resell the branding product itself. This gives you the ability to earn extra monthly income, from people you refer to ordering the branding system.

How it works:
Each premium tier of branding costs a certain amount of money a month to remain active. If you refer someone to us who decides to subscribe to the brand service, you will get a portion of that monthly money. The exact amount depends on your affiliate status with AdlandPro: either 20% if you're a normal affiliate (everybody is a normal affiliate by default), 25% if you're one of the top affiliates (this list changes each month), or 30% for gold members!

What you need to have:
All you need to have to participate and take advantage of this program is an Adlandpro affiliate account. If you don't have one yet, go here to sign up right now, and start earning even more money.
You can check the status of your affiliate account at any time by going here.

What you need to do:
All you need to do is to get your affiliate link out there into the internet. Advertise it to people who would be interested in the branding service. Perhaps you have friends or family who have seen your site, and want their own. Perhaps your business caters to other business people, and you think they will see the value of a branded classifieds site. The list of potential customers is endless -- just get them to click your link!

Your affiliate link:
Your affiliate link is . It is imperative that your referals use your link for you to be credited for any sales. Put this link anywhere people will see it -- your websites, business cards bulletin boards, forums, and so on.

Some extra tools to help you along:
Below you'll find some images and banners you can use to promote the brand service to other people. These are completely free for you to use, and you can even modify them if you wish. Just put them anywhere they might catch someone's eye. Or, of course, you can make your own if you prefer.
Note: right click and choose "Save As" or "Save Image As" to download these images.